Aquarius Wizard

Introducing the Aquarius Wizard

An innovative solution to identifying and reducing excessive household water usage

Our project’s goal is to help monitor household water usage with a website and flow meter sensing unit called “Aquarius Wizard”. This device monitors and collects information about household water usage and  alerts the owner about abnormal water usage from leaks, running water, and toilets. It is reasonably priced, available through many retailers and your water departments, and is easy to use.

There are other water usage monitoring systems, of course, but what makes our solution innovative is that we only use a single flow meter on the main water line.  Our software has a training mode.  You’ll be directed to turn on each water-using device one at a time, and the meter will record data about the water usage.  When the training is complete, the software will be able to make an educated guess as to which device is being used, based on the training data and time of day.

View the Aquarius Wizard Demo