Robot Design 2016

We have two robots, named R2, and threepio. We mainly use R2 but, when he is misbehaving, we send threepio to get the job done. They both have the same functions, and the only real difference is color.

They both have three color sensors, a gyro, a medium motor, a large motor, and two drive motors. Two of the color sensors are on the front, for line following, and one on the back for line following backwards. We use the gyro to drive straight, and make more accurate turns. The medium motor is mounted at the front center of the robot. The large motor is inverted on the front left hand side, but we have a drive shaft that transfers the rotation of the motor to the right side. Four arms are mounted on the shaft, with two on the front and right side.</p

We use the 62 wheels for drive wheels, and we use the motorcycle wheels without the tires to coast. We use these two types, because the diameter is the same for both of them.