Plastic Sidewalks (2019)

Our project for the City Shaper season is creating sidewalk panels out of recycled polyethylene. We will be using recycled polyethylene because it has a high tensile strength and will not crack therefor solving our problem with concrete sidewalks. Using plastic sidewalks will make walking and riding more safer on sidewalks. We will keep our sidewalks in central Illinois so it will be cheaper to travel to farther away destinations.

Concrete side walks also contribute to the CO2 footprint because they need a large truck and kiln for making and transporting them. Our plastic sidewalks will cost about $100.00 for materials and labor and we estimate the labor to be half that of concrete. Polyethylene can survive from 250 degrees Fahrenheit down to about -207 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just a few reasons why we believe that polyethylene sidewalks will improve concrete sidewalks and will be better for the environment.